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Welcome to the traditional AFTER TOUR of the 2002 W78 workshop in Denmark.
"Distributing Knowledge in Building" in Denmark.

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We start after lunch Friday June 14 after the official close of the workshop heading for Aalborg University ( 1 hour north of Århus. We will visit one of the biggest VR installations in Europe and take part of and experience ongoing research. We stay over night in Aalborg (, the Danish town where traditions and visions creates the future.

On Saturday we continue north along the spectacular west coast with a 'picnic/climbing the sand dunes' stop at Rubjerg Knude. Late afternoon we arrive in Skagen. Skagen ( is at the northern tip of Jutland and is a beautiful old town, famous for its artists, and splendid landscape and beaches.

Sunday morning we will be transported to our flights or trains for travel home or continuation of vacation in this wonderful part of Europe.

Denmark - Aalborg North Jutland (click-on-image)

Registration fee Review Committee and invited speakers participate FREE.
The tour is open for ALL participants (though with an upper limit around 30 persons). The fee is DKr 1200 (Danish kroner) including transfer, room and food. Exchange rates).

Accommodation Friday June 14 we will stay at the wonderful Youth Hostel in Aalborg at the sea side and one of the yacht harbors.
Accommodation in Skagen Saturday June 15 will be in the center of the village in two small hotels.

Travel We will have a bus for transportation.
The bus will stop at Aalborg airport, Aalborg railway station, Århus airport and Århus railway station (if needed also at Billund airport) when returning home time on Sunday morning June 16.

Highlights Inaugurated in 1974, Aalborg University has more than 12.000 students. Teaching and research are conducted at the highest level in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. In 1995 the Engineering College of Esbjerg became a part of Aalborg University. The university's annual budget is in excess of 900 million Danish kroner.

We visit 'VR Media Lab' at Aalborg University on the afternoon of Friday June 14. We will experience and make contacts to research and development using 8 sided CAVE, Panorama and 3D-auditorium. The 'IT in Civil Engineering' group and COWI Engineers will give examples on R&D.

Aalborg. 160.000 inhabitants. (Red dots Aalborg University. [4] VR Media Lab, [6] IT in Civil Engineering). (Click map to enlarge)

Aalborg University

Jomfru Anne Gade, Aalborg.

Aalborg view.

Nytorv, Aalborg.
The Limfjord in the background.

On Saturday June 15 we will go north along the North Sea shore
and stop at Rubjerg Knude and the stranded lighthouse (click to enlarge)
(photo from

The "Grenen", the headland of Skagen, has an almost magical attraction and is visited by more than one million people every year.

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Friday June 14, 12.00 Session close in Århus
13.00 Bus leaves from auditorium heading for Aalborg University
14.30-17.00 Visit to Aalborg University, VR Media Lab
  • 3D stereo room airflow (CAVE, Panorama) [Kjeld Svidt]
  • Town planning experience Ans commune and new office building at the Aalboreg sea front (Panorama) [Jens Ove Skjærbæk, COWI]
  • North Jutland Aalborg 3D model walk around (Panorama)
  • IT Building group Aalborg University research and education - the EU DIVERCITY project, civil engineering courses, open Master of IT, the Aalborg PPBL model. (Panorama) [Per Christiansson]
18.00 Check-in Aalborg Youth Hostel at the water front,
1930 COWI Engineers invites us to dinner in Aalborg at the ship Prinses Juliana at the waterfront.
After dinner enjoy Aalborg famous atmosphere and night life.
Saturday, June 15 Breakfast at the hotel.
0930 We enter the bus and go to Rubjeg Knude and the west coast sand dunes. Climbing the dunes requires refreshments.
1330 we leave Rubjerg Knude, and the lighthouse that are slowly disappearing under the dunes, for Skagen.
1500 Arrival in Skagen and check-in at hotel Strandly
We walk through the old part of Skagen and
  • pick up bicycles and head for the nearby
  • Skagen Painters museum (ca 1615)
  • a short ride on the bikes and we reach to northern tip of Denmark (Grenen) where to oceans meet. This is a good opportunity to take a swim in the sea.
  • Around 1930 we have a meal in the most northern restaurant in Denmark overlooking the oceans.
  • Enjoy the Skagen village, sailboat harbour, the Still Alive 60s band at restaurant Pakhus, Sussi and Leo at Skansen, ....
Sunday, June 16, 1000-1330 Bus from Skagen to Århus railway station via Aalborg airport, Aalborg railway station, Århus airport.

Very welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information

Per Christiansson Aalborg University, Civil Engineering (email:, www:
Kristian Agger Aarhus School of Architecture (email:, www:
Rob Howard Technical University of Denmark (email: , www:

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