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The first meeting of CIB W78 (with the tentative commission name Computer-Aided Design), was held in Stockholm August 14, 1983, in connection with the CIB.83 congress. 16 people participated from 10 countries. The first co-ordinator was Ms. Janet Spoonamore from CERL, Champaign, USA.

  • 2009 Istanbul, Turkey. October 1-3.
    26th W78 Conference "Managing IT in Construction/Managing Construction for Tomorrow". [Flyer, site front page, Progress report]

  • 2008 Santiago, Chile. July 15 - 17.
    25th W78 Conference "Improving the management of construction projects through IT adoption". [Site front page, Progress/Program report].

  • 2007 Maribor, Slovenia. June 27 - 29.
    24th W78 Conference "Bringing ITC knowledge to work". [The conference also incorporated two already well established workshops, lead by EG-ICE (European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering) and ITC@EDU (Construction IT in Education Network).]

  • 2006 Montreal, Canada. June 14-16.
    W78 23nd Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering "Building on IT"

  • 2005 Dresden, Germany. July 19-21.
    W78 22nd Conference on Information Technology in Construction.
  • 2004 Toronto, Canada. May 7-8.
    Integrated Systems to Support Sustainability”, CV714-2004 W78 Workshop Roadmapping, Friday 7th May and Saturday 8th May 2004 in conjunction with the CIB 2004 Triennial World Building Congress (2nd - 7th May, 2004), Toronto, Canada.

  • 2003 Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand, April 23-25
    The theme was 'Construction IT Bridging the Distance' [Conference Program]
    • "Construction IT Bridging the Distance". ISBN 0-908689-71-3. CIB Publication 284. (494 pages).

  • 2002 Århus, Denmark, June 12-14
    The theme was 'Distributing Knowledge In Building' [Conference Program] [Aftertour program]
    [Call for papers] [Image gallery]
    • "Distributing Knowledge In Building". (2 bindings).

  • 2001 Mpumalanga, South Africa, 30 May - 1 June
    The theme was 'IT in Construction in Africa 2001.' [Accepted papers]
    • "CIB-W78 International Conference. IT in Construction in Africa 2001.". CSIR, Division of Building and Construction Technology. ISBN 0-7988-5531-2. (44 papers on 525 pages).

  • 2000 Reykjavik, June 28 - 30
    . The theme was 'Construction Information Technology 2000. Taking the construction industry into the 21st century'.
    • " Construction Information Technology 2000. Taking the construction industry into the 21st century". Icelandic Building Research. ISBN 9979-9174-3-1. 2 Volumes (1101 pages)

  • 1999 Vancouver, May 31 - June 3 (pdf)
    in conjunction with the '8th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components'
  • 1998 Stockholm, June 3-5
    The theme was 'The life-cycle of Construction IT innovations. - Technology transfer from research to practice'.
    • "The life-cycle of Construction IT innovations. - Technology transfer from research to practice". June, 1998. ISBN 91-7171-281-4, (468 pp). Edited by Bo-Christer Björk and Adina Jägbeck, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

  • 1997 Cairns, July 9-11
    The theme was 'Information Technology Support for Construction Process Re-Engineering' IT-CPR-97.
    • "Information Technology Support for Construction Process Re-Engineering". July, 1997. CIB Proceedings. Publication 208, (470 pp). Edited by Robin Drugemuller, James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia.

  • 1996 Bled, June 10-12
    The theme was 'Construction on the Information Highway'. (Program, list of abstracts)
    • " Construction on the Information Highway". May, 1996. CIB Proceedings. Publication 198, (562 pp), Univ, of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • 1995 Stanford, August 22-24.
    The theme was Computers and Information in Construction. W78 with TG10 (Task Group on Computer Representation of Design Standards and Building Codes).
    • "Modeling of Buildings through their Life-Cycle". August, 1995. CIB Proceedings. Publication 180, (621 pp), Stanford, USA.

  • 1994 Helsinki, August 21-23.
    The theme was Integrated Computer Aided Design. 64 participants from 18 countries. Separate program.
    • "Integrated Computer Aided Design". June, 1994. VTT, Espoo, Finland. (Binder).

  • 1993 Singapore, August .
    First International Conference on Management of Information Technology for Construction. The conference was organized in collaboration with CIB W78.
    • "Management of Information Technology for Construction". Singapore. (Edited by Krishan Mathur, Martin Betts, Kwok Wai Tham). World Scientific & Global Publications Service. 1992. (599 pages).

  • 1992 Montreal, May.
    The theme was "Computers and Information in Construction" 127 participants from 20 countries.
    • "Joint CIB Workshops on Computers and Information in Construction". May, 1984. W57, W74 (Information Coordination in the Building Process) , W78, TG10, Montreal, Canada. (Editors Dana Vanier, Russell Thomas). CIB Proceedings, Publication 165. (610 pages).

  • 1991 Eindhoven, September 16-17.
    The theme was "The Computer Integrated Future".
    • "The Computer Integrated Future". CIB Seminar, 16-17 September, 1991. Eindhoven University of Technology, Calibre, The Netherlands. (Binder). (345 pages).

  • 1990 Tokyo, September 17-19.
    The theme was "Computer Integrated Construction" with 82 participants from 12 countries. Separate seminar program.
    • "Computer Integrated Construction". CIB W78+W74 Seminar, September 1990, Tokyo, Japan. (Editor Tatsuo Terai, Department Industrial Design, Chiba Institute of Technology). CIB Proceedings 138. (303 pages)
      (Also published by Elsevier (ed Harry Wagter).

  • 1989 Barcelona, April 10-11.
    The theme was "Computer Aided Construction. The Future". Separate program.

  • 1988 Lund, October 24-28.
    The theme was "Conceptual Modelling of Buildings" with 91 participants from 16 countries. Separate seminar program.
    • "Conceptual Modelling of Buildings". CIB W74+W78 Seminar, October, 1988. Lund University and The Swedish Building Centre. CIB Proceedings 126. (Editors Per Christiansson, Henry Karlsson). (320 pages).

  • 1987 London, September 28-29.
    The theme was "Innovative Design Descriptions and Practical Aspects of Integrated Cad". The seminar was held in conjunction with a conference on Data Exchange in Construction (organized by BSRIA) (Oct 1-2). 26 participants from 10 countries.

  • 1986 Washington, September 26.
    The theme was "Innovative Design Descriptions". The workshop was held in conjunction with the CIB.86 Congress. The workshop was organized in 6 separate group workshops with an introductory key note speech. Separate program.

  • 1985 Rotterdam, September 16-17.
    The theme was "Integrated Systems Result". The seminar was held in conjunction with the CAAD Futures in Delft (Sept 18-19) and ECAADE (Sept 19). (Organizer Anne Volbeda). Separate program.

  • 1984 London, June 5-7.
    The theme was "Integrated Computer Aided Design". 49 participants from 10 countries.
    • "Integrated Computer Aided Design". Colloquium, June 5-7, 1984. Building Research Establishment, Watford, United Kingdom. (Organizer Rob Howard, CICA, Cambridge). CIB Proceedings, Publication 78. (51 pages).

  • 1983 Stockholm August 14.
    The initial terms of references was agreed upon.

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